écrits de Hessie

Hessie, bande son de Transe-perce Survie,
Court métrage réalisé par Mythia Kolesar, 1974.

Movement resumes the entire existence.

Calligraphic association.

Cranian wool.

Child again, a butterfly, ignorance, innocence, feels [fills?] the world which englobe him.

All my predecessors were anonym.

Interdiction to think for oneself which creates a relation between species.

Fascinating exploration of daily happening.

These are collaborations of necessity to filter a light and the moods of time.

Romantic lighting.

Prehistory eating the present.

Incarnation of survival.

Visual proposition – dreams interpretated.

[xxx ?] where one really discovers oneself and one’s broken origins.

Daily form.

Impulse fascination.

I’m wrapping up this precious brain.

Apparent movement of the moon like a globe reflected, half black, half silver, cross a circular movement.

A moon day on the point of lunar time.

The hour glass with a human face.

Aureole [?].

The solar day, the moon day are the smallest unities of time.

The time to say, sometimes measured by a [guide ?] graduated in hours which turns on a fixed axe by successive impulsions given from the edges of teeth.

So that the oscillatory movement is assured and continuous.

Mask on [thorn ?].

Inner conflict.

The eternity of water with  the breakdown of [furrows ?] between two waves.